Obsidian stone has been deeply involved with spiritual practices. Its shiny constitution and deep black color have converted it into the symbol of Tezcatlipoca ––an ancestral deity creator of the universe in the Mexica society–– whose most representative shield is an obsidian magic mirror that radiates a smoke capable of defeating his enemies.  Taking this narrative as a standpoint, Autodefensa (Self-defense) is a series of sculptures of spiked contemporary weapons –such as rifles, knives, and axes– made with obsidian that tries to preserve the protective condition of the material while simultaneously making a comment upon the contemporary use of armament. 
These series of weapons were sculpted with an absolute lack of ergonomics, making them hard to hold and manage, as if they were protecting themselves from themselves. These objects are both a seductive series of artifacts that don't pose the threat of physical harm and yet a glorification of the object and its symbolic value, which aims to recover the spiritual and magical condition of artillery.

Made in collaboration with Julieta Gil